Growth and Expansion

Although imports fluctuate year on year, since 2004 there has been a 40% increase in olive oil imports and a 275% increase in table olive imports. The increase in local olive oil production over the same time frame is aprox. 140% while table olive production has not increased dramatically. These figures clearly demonstrate how consumption has increased over the last years.

Change in Focus

Traditionally South Africa has concentrated on table olive plantings, but this has swung in favour of olive oil cultivars in recent years. At present the plantings consist of 75 – 80% oil varieties. The local industry is based on a very solid foundation with most nurseries providing good planting material. This record has to be zealously guarded.

The consumer is focused on tasty, healthy olive oil with consumption increasing daily. Table olives are catching up rapidly as shown by the increase in imported fruit. South Africa has impressive advantages in the table olive production sector.


The olive oil producers in this relatively new industry have the benefit of being able to acquire the most advanced equipment which ensures better quality. SA follows the guidelines set out by the International Olive Council (IOC) and therefore strives to produce the best. Numerous International Awards attest to this.

To maintain the best quality, Integrated Quality Management principles have to be adhered to with regard to processing and packaging. And to kickstart this system one needs access to reliable and state-of-the art information, advice and resources.
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